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Actor Ryan Reynolds (“The Proposal”, “The Green Lantern”) may have been voted Sexiest Man Alive a few years ago, but to his golden retriever mix, he’s just “best friend.”

Reynolds has always loved dogs, but when he went to a Houston animal shelter a few years ago, it was to find a service dog for his friend, who was paralyzed. He found a chocolate lab that fit the needs. But he also “just fell in love”, he says, with another dog.  “He’s some kind of half golden retriever, half collie, half of some other little chunk of something in there. Ignore the math,” he’s joked.

Reynolds didn’t feel he could leave the golden-colored dog behind. Reynolds says he saw the dog staring at him and whispered to him, “Let’s get the hell out of here.” Surprisingly, as though he understood, the dog jumped up and was ready to go. Reynolds named him Baxter and they’ve been best friends ever since. He’s estimated to be about 4 or 5 years old.

Reynolds and Baxter are favorites of the paparazzi and have been spotted in Los Angeles, in New York and on the set of several films, between takes.

When Reynolds married actress Blake Lively in 2012, the family expanded to include not only Baxter but Lively’s little maltipoo Penny. When the two were dating, there was some rivalry – Baxter seemed at ease, but Penny was jealous. Now, though, they are seen on walks together and Lively often takes Baxter with her to the park when her husband is busy filming. Reynolds and Lively were in Ontario, Canada not long ago while Reynolds is working and they brought both dogs with them, not wanting to leave them behind.

Reynolds has been a lover of other animals for quite some time, having been part of a Humane Society production of a film about marine animals, in particular, a whale named Luna. Another project he’s been involved in is to voice a character in an animated film “The Croods” and he was given toys from the film to take home. It seems Baxter benefited from that situation. “My dog is obsessed with one in particular,” he’s said, “so I have to get more.”  Such a good “dad”!