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That’s not the name of another model or actress – it’s the dog he rescued in Morocco while filming 2005’s “Kingdom of Heaven.” Bloom saw the primarily black dog wandering around a street market and knew he wanted to save him, by adopting him and bringing him home to the United States.

The name Sidi means “Lord” in Moroccan – fitting since Bloom starred in the “Lord of the Rings” series of films.

Sidi is a mixed breed and at first glance may appear to be a Lab, but he’s really a Saluki mix. Salukis are in the Persian greyhound family and were the Royal Dog of Egypt. They are one of the oldest known domestic dogs.  In Arabic, Saluki means “friend” and the two have been friends ever since their first meeting.

Bloom often prepares Sidi’s dinner himself and they are frequent fixtures taking walks in Los Angeles at dog parks or the beach, or on the streets of  New York City.  Sometimes it’s just the two of them; at times they are joined by Bloom and Kerr’s 2 ½-year-old son Flynn; and of course Kerr joins the whole family sometimes, as well.

The actor, who has also starred in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, in “Troy”, and will star in the upcoming series of “Hobbit” films, brings Sidi on set with him when he’s working so that they can arrange playtime in-between takes.

But the street dog in Sidi never quite went away. He must be carefully monitored when Bloom is not around.  Left in the dressing room trailer, he apparently suffers separation anxiety and aggression.  He’s been known to tear up the furnishings.

Kirsten Dunst, Bloom’s co-star in “Elizabethtown”, said the trailer had to be “Sidi-proofed” after damage was found.  “They had to put a sheet of plastic on the floor,” she laughed.

Director Cameron Crowe gifted Sidi with a poster from the film, signing it, “Try to eat smaller portions.”

Sidi is happiest when hanging out with his “dad.” For a Men’s Health magazine cover shoot a couple of years ago, Bloom brought Sidi along.  They were shooting at a ranch in Santa Clarita, California and he thought Sidi would enjoy the day.  It seemed he did.  There’s an online video of the two between shots, literally sharing lunch mouth-to-mouth, Sidi lounging on a picnic table.  They posed, heads together, for photos.

Bloom is said to have confessed once that he believes that only dogs give real devotion.  Hopefully that belief has changed slightly with marriage and fatherhood.  But it’s clear that Sidi not only gives but also receives his own share of devotion from Bloom.