September 14, 2015 | Posted in Breeds and Stars


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Actress Minka Kelly has had a busy film and television career, appearing currently in the film “The Butler” with Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker. She has also had roles on television in “Friday Night Lights”, “Charlie’s Angels”  and “Parenthood.”  But no matter how demanding her schedule gets, she finds ample time for someone she calls “the love of my life.”

 Another actor? A doctor? Businessman?  No – it’s her 5-year-old beige Cockapoo named “Chewy”, after the iconic “Star Wars” character Chewbacca.

The lucky Chewy goes nearly everywhere with his “mom”, including visits to a Beverly Hills park where they’ve been spotted  playing catch with an empty water bottle, and on flights to other cities when Minka is called out of town for work.  The two flew not long ago (first-class, of course!) to New York.

And when the little guy recently suffered an unspecified injury, Minka didn’t send an assistant to pick him up from the animal hospital in Los Angeles.  She was there herself, cradling him in her arms as she carried him to her car.  Chewy sported a green bandage on his left front leg but seemed content to nestle in the safety of Minka’s arms.

It’s clearly a mutual admiration society between the two.  She’s gushed online, “I can’t get enough of this Wookie!”