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Former ‘N Sync singer Lance Bass has always been an animal lover. He’s shared his life with a total of 8 dogs that he’s rescued from shelters.

He adopted his current dogs, Dingo and Foster, in 2003. He went to visit a shelter in Los Angeles with the intention of adopting one dog. But not long before he got there, a huge litter of puppies had been found in a trash bag and brought in to the shelter. He fell in love with two of them. They’re mixed breeds – possibly with some beagle blood.

Bass says he grew up learning about animal welfare from watching “The Price is Right”, where host Bob Barker always signed off the show by asking people to spay and neuter their pets.  He says he thinks shelter animals know they started life under rough circumstances and are forever grateful for a new, loving home.  “They know how lucky they are,” he says. Bass posed for photos with Dingo and Foster in an ad for PETA, promoting adopting pets, not buying them.  A year or so ago, he posted a message on his Twitter account asking for positive thoughts for Dingo, who’d been at the vet, where a mass near the heart had been found.  But Dingo recently celebrated his 10th birthday, so all seems to be well.  Foster is just about the same age, too.

The interest in animal welfare extends far for Bass, who has also joined forces with a group called Lucky Puppy. He has been “foster dad” to several dogs while a permanent home can be found for them, including recently when he posted numerous photos of himself with his latest foster, whom he calls Buddy.  Buddy is a Chihuahua with one eye, but has lots of spunk, according to Bass.  Lucky puppy, indeed!  It seems that all the dogs Bass comes into contact with receive his deep love and affection.