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Singer/actress Kristin Chenoweth, who shot to fame when she appeared on Broadway in “Wicked”, grew up around animals in Oklahoma. She says she has a lot of respect for them, yet she had no immediate plans to incorporate a dog of her own into her busy lifestyle.

“I finally became one of those New Yorkers that got a little white fluffy dog,” she said after bringing her Maltese named Maddie home to live with her several years ago.

Maddie is short for Madeline and she’s named after Kristin’s idol, actress/comedienne Madeline Kahn, who passed from cancer in 1999.

Maddie and Kristin have bonded over the years, strolling around city streets or going for drives (Maddie has a pink doggie car seat). Apparently Maddie loves to feel the fresh air on her face. “Her long, white hair flies in the breeze like she’s Marilyn Monroe,” Kristin has joked.

They made headlines not long ago for an incident involving a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles. Kristin has papers proving that Maddie is an “emotional support dog”, a fairly new term for a dog that provides therapeutic benefits of companionship and affection to his or her owner.

But the gate agent at the airport accused Kristin of not having the proper paperwork. A major confrontation occurred, with Kristin saying she and Maddie were mistreated.  The misunderstanding was resolved and the airline apologized.

On a more positive note, Kristin’s love for Maddie has inspired her to establish a charitable organization named “Maddie’s Corner” in three cities where she has close ties – Tulsa, Oklahoma, Los Angeles and New York City.  The charity helps provide funds for spaying and neutering, shots and adoptions for shelter dogs in those cities.

The little Maltese has very much become a part of Kristin’s life. She says her parents look at Maddie as their grandchild.  And she claims, “I never thought that she’d take over my life, but she’s given me such joy and she’s made me so happy.”