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Kevin Spacey, star of countless films and more recently, the television show “House of Cards”, isn’t normally very open in revealing private information about himself. So it was a treat back in May when he teased his many Twitter followers with information about a new family member.

First came a photo of a beige and white foot. Next came a photo of a long beige and white tail. The next Tweet began with “Mystery solved…” and an introduction to the “new member of my family”…complete with adorable photos of Spacey cuddling a puppy.. The little dog was seen lying on top of him, pretty much wrapped around his neck, even kissing him and playfully biting his nose.

The pup is a beige, black and white boxer and German shepherd mix and he named her Boston, in honor of the city that had suffered such tragedy during the bombing at the marathon. Spacey has always felt attached to that city and even went back after the marathon to see if he could provide comfort to any of the injured, just by being with them.

He found Boston through the North Shore Animal League, a group that rescues animals from high-kill shelters and gives them a second chance.

Boston isn’t his first rescue dog. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s he had a black lab named Legacy, and he is still dog dad to Mini, a black and white terrier mix he rescued from London’s Battersea Dog’s Home (he was resident Artistic Director at the city’s Old Vic Theatre for many years). In fact, following his introduction of Boston to his fans, he sent a Tweet saying, “For those asking, Mini is great. 15 and still acting like a puppy. Be a week or so before she can meet Boston. I’m definitely in dog Heaven.”

Mini was rumored to have been named for the Mini Cooper car he was driving when he found her and he says of her she’s “a little brat…but she makes me smile.”

It seems that the normally super-private actor has no problem at all opening up when discussing his love for his canines.