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“Nothing makes Jessica Biel happier than spending time with her dogs.”

 Who is Jessica Biel?  Jessica Biel is a Hollywood sex symbol and actress, known for her work in the series 7th Heaven and films like The Illusionist and Total Recall.

 Did you know…?

Despite her celebrity lifestyle, Jessica Biel loves nothing more than a refreshing walk with her dogs.  She adores her dogs, often sharing tweets online from the perspective of her pit bull Tina.  She accredits her dog Tina for helping her keep in great shape and you can see by her body that is no lie!  You will find hundreds of pictures of her with her dogs on the Internet.  On top of that, she was voted as one of the top 10 celebrity dog lovers on the planet from animal planet!

Her Pit Bull Tina is her exercise partner

Tina her pet bulldog can be a demanding, pushy, and over energetic housemate, especially without her daily walk or run. This dog is a perpetual motion machine, rarely relaxing on her own. When Jessica is in New York, she finds it enjoyable and relaxing to take Tina and her other dogs on walks along the Hudson.  Walking or running with her dogs not only helps her relax, but it helps to burn some of that extra energy that her dogs have, so they are calm and content at home.  Often, you will find her out and about with her earphones in her ears, wearing comfortable sweats or exercise clothes walking along the streets of New York with her dogs.

However, remember too much exercise for your dog may not be a good thing.

WooFStoria Tip for Day

It definitely seems that Jessica Biel burns off some of her dogs energy, but beware—you can inadvertently train up an elite athlete dog who needs more exercise than you can give him. So try to limit running around and repetitive games like fetch with less intense activity. Teach your dog to relax with some soothing music.  Soothing music can go a long way in helping your dog to learn to settle.