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“Hugh Jackman’s is Not Only One of Hollywood’s Super Hunk Actors – He’s a Caring Family Man and Dog Lover.”


Who is Hugh Jackman?  A star in his native Australia thanks to his work on television and in musical theatre, actor Hugh Jackman became known to American audiences through his role as Logan/Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s lavish adaptation of the popular Marvel comic X-Men (2000).  Jackman starred in a number of other TV series — and began to earn recognition for his work on the stage in Beauty and the Beast. Jackman also spent the following years appearing in numerous films, like X-Men: First Class, Butter, and Real Steel. He experienced one of his biggest successes playing Jean Valjean in Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the stage musical Les Miserables, a role that earned Jackman a Best Actor nomination from the Academy, his first Oscar nod.

Did you know…?

Despite his celebrity lifestyle, Hugh Jackman loves nothing more than to spend all his extra time off screen and off stage with his family and his French bulldog Dali.   Together they make one big happy family sharing walks in the park, walking his daughter to school with Dali, even exercising on the exercise bike with his dog Dali lying right next to him.

Even Celebrities Dogs Misbehave 

Even though he has a wonderful French bulldog, you have to remember that all dogs have their moments just like people.  For example, when Hugh Jackman was walking his dog in New York City he had an encounter with another dog.  Sometimes crowded sidewalks can make a dog nervous and provoke them to react in a negative way.

Hugh Jackman found himself in a little doggie brawl while walking his French bulldog, Dali. “The Wolverine” star had his doggie’s leash secured to a chair outside a local business when the animal became the object of another, much larger dog’s affection – and the not so nice dogfight began.

Dali was apparently overwhelmed when a dog began to pass him on the crowded sidewalk.  The dog was at least three times its size, and a fight between the two of them began. The other dog jumped on Dali, their leashes became entangled, and Actor Hugh Jackman tried to stop the brawl so he could go on his merry way!

Dogs Fight Just Like People

Like people, not everyone can get along.  Sometimes two dogs just do not mix well and no matter what you do if they are in close distance they are not going to get along and a dogfight may occur.  Also, sometimes dogs become scared and react in fear.  If this happens to you do not panic. Remember that most dogfights are noisy but harmless. If you stay calm, you will be able to separate two fighting dogs more safely and efficiently.  Here are some tips to help you in case you experience a dogfight with your dog.

  • You and a helper or the other dog’s pet parent should approach the dogs together. Try to separate them at the same time.
  • A sudden, loud sound will often interrupt a fight. Clap, yell and stomp your feet.
  • After the fight stops, immediately separate the dogs. Do not give them another chance to fight. It is important to make sure that they cannot see each other. If necessary, take one or both dogs into another room or area. If the dogs are friends and you have interrupted a minor squabble, keep them apart until they calm down.

WooFStoria Tip for Day

It definitely seems that Dali can use some relaxing music to calm himself down.  Dali definitely needs to get rid of any stress that was created during this unsettling dogfight.  Stress can cause many things for a dog such as ill health, rowdy behavior and depression.  Trying making any stressful situation a better one calming your dog down with alternative methods.  Teach your dog to relax with some soothing music.  Soothing music can go a long way in helping your dog to learn to settle and it can release any tension or stress that they encountered.