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“Hilary starts her own dog lovers group on the Internet.” 

Who is Hilary Duff?  Hilary Erhard Duff was born on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas, to Bob and Susan Duff. When Hilary was six, she had been traveling in the Cechetti Ballet with her sister Haylie Duff but decided she wanted to fulfill her dream of acting. Her first part was in the mini-series True Women (1997) (TV), but her first starring role was as “Ellie” in The Soul Collector (1999) (TV), for which she won a Best Performance in a TV Movie or Pilot (Supporting Young Actress) Young Artist Award. Hilary also starred in Casper Meets Wendy in 1998, in which she played the young witch “Wendy”.

Success came again as she took the role of the starring title character “Lizzie McGuire” in the #1 hit Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire” in 2001. In 2002, she made the Disney Channel movie Cadet Kelly. “Lizzie” was extremely successful and spawned The Lizzie McGuire Movie in 2003 and in 2013, Hilary continues her success career, guest starring on TV shows, filming movies, recording albums and doing television concerts.

Did you know…?

Hilary loves her dog Lola so much that she started a group on the Internet, so that the rest of the world can get to know her dog and share their wonderful dog stories with her and her following.

Hilary’s Dogster Group

Lola Duff, the sweet spoiled pup of Hilary Duff, has her own fashionably furry following. Recently Hilary Duff launched a dog profile of her dog Lola and has her own Dogster Group as well.  It is open to all Dogster members. “Lola’s Pooch Posse” will recap and help keep fans up-to-date on Lola’s jet-setting life — including her latest appearances, her favorite playgrounds and her current four-legged BFFs.

Hilary, fell madly in love with her best buddy Lola when she was touring in Florida a couple of years ago.  Hillary is thrilled that Lola has become a part of her life and she is very near and dear to her heart.

“Lola is the best, and she has such a great personality. I am excited that she is part of the Dogster community so people will get to know her, and she’ll be able to get to know all the other top dogs out there,” said Hilary Duff.

A Few Interesting Facts about Lola

  • She loves cuddling up with Hilary every chance she gets
  • Her favorite toys are squeaky and soft
  • Lola enjoys nibbling on Greenies

To Learn More about Lola or To Join the Dogster Group

To learn more about Lola, check out her Dogster profile at:  In addition, if you want to join Lola’s Dogster Group go to

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