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Elvis Presley was a longtime animal lover – of horses, chimps, birds and many dogs.  It’s doubtful he thought of any of his dogs as “hound dogs”, after his hit song, because his love of his beloved pets was obvious.

The closest to a “dog with an attitude” might have been Muffin, his white Great Pyrenees. It was rumored to have a bad temper and even bit Elvis a few times.  Even so, he dearly loved Muffin.

When he was stationed in the army in Germany, a fan gave Elvis a poodle that he named Teddy

He gave a tiny dog named Sweet Pea to his mom Gladys in 1956 and when Gladys passed, Elvis

continued to raise and love Sweet Pea. Another dog from a family member entered Elvis’s life – a black poodle named Stuff that came from his beloved aunt Delta Mae.

One of Elvis’s dogs during his earlier days with Priscilla was Baba, the Collie, who appeared in a film with Elvis – “Paradise, Hawaiian Style.”

Many people know of the habit the King had for giving Bibles or, more extravagantly, cars, to people as gifts.  Not so many may be aware that he also gave dogs quite frequently to those he cared about.

In the 1960’s, he gave wife Priscilla a gift of two Great Danes – Snoopy and Brutus.  Brutus also became a movie star, appearing in “Live a Little, Love a Little” with Elvis. Unfortunately, Brutus passed not long after Elvis and Priscilla divorced.  Snoopy, the remainder of the pair, wasn’t lonely, though, since he became daughter Lisa Marie’s favorite pet.

Elvis also gave a Maltese to girlfriend Linda Thompson in the mid-1970’s.

Unfortunately, not all of Elvis’s dogs had a long and loving life with their “human.” One of his favorites, a Chow named Getlo, developed a serious kidney problem in 1975 before his first birthday. Despite spending thousands on treatments, Elvis couldn’t save Getlo’s life.

At the time of Elvis’s death, one of his favorite dogs was a little Pomeranian named Edmund.

Women may have come and gone from the music legend’s life, especially during his final years at Graceland. But he was never without loving companionship, in the form of four-legged, furry friends.