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Actress Drew Barrymore went from being a single woman a few years ago to having quite a large family, though it didn’t occur without a bit of heartbreak along the way.

In 2010, her beloved Chow-lab mix Flossie passed away, just short of turning 16 years old. Flossie made news several years earlier by quite possibly saving the lives of Drew and then-husband Tom Green during a house fire. Flossie woke them up by barking wildly and scratching on the door, and she helped lead them to safety.

Without Flossie, there was a void to fill and later in 2010, Drew rescued from the pound a light beige-colored mixed breed dog that she named Douglas Fairbanks Barrymore. She declared he was “the best little cuddler in the world!”

They were seen walking together and spending quality time around town. Then Drew fell in love with art consultant Will Kopelman and they became engaged. Soon, in January 2012, “puppy fever” hit again, she told Ellen DeGeneres when she was a guest on her talk show. Will had never had the experience of choosing a dog so together they sought the help of a rescue-only pet shop in the Los Angeles area called – ahem – Barks & Bitches.  The adoption group had rescued a litter of dogs who’d been found in a box outside an L.A. animal shelter when they were 2 weeks old. The puppies had been fostered at the homes of various volunteers and were now 8 weeks old and ready to be adopted.

Drew and Will fell in love with one of the Shepherd-mix puppies and called him Oliver – “Ollie” as a nickname. Ironically, his foster mom had been “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed.

Drew gushed nearly as much about Ollie as she did about her fiancé when she was a guest with Ellen.  She’d only brought Ollie home two days earlier and had kept him under her sweater when leaving the adoption site so as not to have him frightened by the paparazzi.  But she shared photos of him with Ellen’s audience, saying, “He looks like a little tiny bear. I can’t stand it, he’s so cute!”

These days, Drew and Will are married and they’ve welcomed a daughter, Olive. Drew knew she wanted Olive and the dogs to bond quickly, so she put her daughter together with them right away.

They are both very protective of Olive, she claims, and Douglas often wanders over to kiss Olive’s head, and stands “guarding” her.

It seems it’s one big happy family now for Drew.