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Debra Messing has been busy with one project or another for years now. She went from starring in “Will & Grace” to starring in the recent musical television show “Smash”, and now she’s taped a pilot for a new comedy for CBS, which will supposedly turn into a series very soon.

But she’s never too busy to shower love on animals. A few years ago, she found an adorable and rare breed of dog called a Coton de Tulear and named her Laila. The breed is French in origin and is known for being super sweet and loyal. The Coton (French for “cotton”) is considered to have hair, not fur, and is therefore hypoallergenic. The dogs resemble a Maltese in many ways. Laila looks like a white, fluffy bundle of love. She’s been everywhere with Debra – shopping, at benefits, and quite often on film sets. In fact, Debra says Laila is most comfortable on sets because she’s spent so much time there. She refers to her as her daughter and says “There’s something human about her gaze, like she’s going to talk.”

In February of  2013, Debra posted a photo of herself with a little grey and white furball and said “Lovin on our new puppy! Say hi to Henry!”  Henry is said to be a terrier mix but may also be at least part Coton de Tulear as well. He has grown since his initial photo was released by his “dog mom”, but he’s still a small dog. It was intended that he would be a companion for Laila and it’s clear from other photos Debra has posted that he loves Laila. Unfortunately, Laila doesn’t return the affection…yet. Photos show them getting closer all the time, so hopefully the day will come when they will be best buddies. In the meantime, Debra has photos of Henry (who looks like a little stuffed animal) with large stuffed toys and refers to them as Henry’s girlfriend, for now.