September 14, 2015 | Posted in Breeds and Stars


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Carrie Ann Inaba is a busy woman. She’s one of the judges on the ever-popular ABC-TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, she recently hosted the Genesis Awards Show honoring media awareness for humane treatment of animals…and she’s opened a foundation to help raise money for animal shelters.

She started out as a cat lover, she says, and still has four of them – all with special needs. But she couldn’t help herself – she needed to extend her love to dogs as well. She rescued a boxer, Cookie, who’s now 10 years old.  Cookie was in a “high-kill” shelter and it was Cookie’s last day, when Carrie Ann swooped in to the rescue.

She also rescued a little Chihuahua/Basenji mix she’s named Peanut. Peanut is about 5 years old and Carrie Ann says she loves to race around the house playing and stealing toys from Cookie.

Carrie Ann appeared on an episode of “Access Hollywood” to help them celebrate the one-year anniversary that they’d been helping the Best Friends Animal Society place animals in new homes. She is a spokesperson for the organization. Ironically, one of the dogs she was holding was the little Chihuahua mix. The producers of the show called her after the show to see if she’d send a tweet to her followers, with a photo of the dog, since she hadn’t been adopted yet.  She said – better yet – she wanted to bring her home, and thus Peanut entered her life for good.

She’s also fostered dogs and not long ago two were found roaming the streets together – Lola and Buddy. She didn’t want them to be separated from one another during the foster time, so she volunteered to keep them until one home could be found for both of them.

Carrie Ann’s long-term goal includes the possibility of opening her own shelter one day.  In the meantime, she’s taken one step closer to that goal by founding The Carrie Ann Inaba Animal Project, which helps to educate the public about animal overpopulation, while raising funds to help shelters keep animals longer instead of euthanizing them.  “When you get a pet, it’s forever,” she vows.