September 14, 2015 | Posted in Breeds and Stars


Bryan Dattilo has appeared on various television programs including “CSI:NY” but he is best known for playing Lucas Horton on the daytime drama “Days of our Lives” for the past 20 years.

He’s an athlete who enjoys playing on celebrity basketball and baseball teams, and coaches his 13-year-old son Gabriel’s basketball and football teams. He makes sure to visit mom Peggy in Bourbonnais, Illinois each summer – not only for family love but because it’s the summer training home for the Chicago Bears.

In spite of this busy schedule, he’s sure to include plenty of time for being a “dog parent.” He’s
always been a dog lover, but when he was young, his mother was allergic to animals and the places where they lived didn’t allow pets – both barriers to having a pet to call his own.

Since moving on in life and into his own home, he’s always kept his surroundings filled with dogs.

He had two black labs who were very dear to him – Vinnie and Dante. Both passed when they were 15 years old, a few years ago.

Currently, in addition to son Gabriel and second wife Liz, Bryan shares his home with 3 dogs who are definitely part of the family.  Bryan and Liz call them their “furry children.” In fact, when Bryan travels to make personal appearances, Liz often stays home because there are not a lot of people the couple would trust to take care of their pets while they were away.

There’s two-year-old Domino, an English Springer Spaniel, the favorite breed of wife Liz. The
couple took a road trip to San Francisco soon after they married to pick up Domino. Bryan says Domino “loves to be petted and is the lover and snuggler.”

Next is five-year-old Shamus, a German short-haired pointer. Shamus arrived following another road trip – this time to Canada, with Bryan and his brother Brent. Shamus’s father was a champion at Westminster Kennel Club shows and Shamus also competed in shows when he was younger. Bryan says of him that “he’s the most rambunctious of the dogs.  He’s torn sprinkler heads off backyard sprinklers.  He’s the take-charge pup and rules the backyard.”

The eldest of the family dogs is Salvatore, a 10-year-old white lab who is a real family dog.  Salvatore is Gabriel’s best friend and they snuggle together each night.  Bryan got Sal when Dante and Vinnie were getting older because he says he “didn’t want to be without a lab in the house.”  Sal is the alpha dog…but dog father Bryan still makes a valiant effort to establish that he maintains the true alpha dog position over all three canine members of the household!