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Bradley Cooper, actor and former recipient of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title, was quoted several years ago as saying that one obstacle to his finding true love is that the woman “…has to like my dogs. My dogs and I come in a package.”

Every now and then, a woman comes along who seems to temporarily fill the bill. In the past, he’s dated Renee Zellweger and Zoe Saldana, and more recently model Suki Waterhouse, all of whom were seen walking with one or more of Bradley’s dogs. But it seems clear that canine love has proven more long-lasting than human love for Bradley, at least so far.

He rescued Samson, a German shorthair pointer, from a high-kill shelter not long before he was set for euthanization. Samson passed away in 2010 at the age of 14. Bradley cared so much about him that a very large portrait of Samson still hangs in a prominent place in his home.

Another rescue dog entered his life while he still had Samson. A huge adoption event was being held in Santa Monica one day and he from across the street, he spied a large beige and white dog. He told Kelly Ripa when he was a guest on “Live with Kelly” as the show was called at the time, “I fell in love with her immediately.” He named the dog Charlotte.  She was about 6 years old and had been found wandering the streets of Compton, a fairly rough neighborhood that’s a suburb of Los Angeles. “She’s a little toughie” he told Kelly. “She has no bottom teeth.”  Charlotte was rescued and brought to the adoption event and she’s been part of Bradley’s life for several years (she’s now about 11 at his best estimate).

Charlotte looks like a small bear, with a fluffy, furry coat, but is believed to be a mix of chow and golden retriever.

He and Charlotte are often seen walking around town – whatever town that might be, since she frequently travels with him. Videos and photos show him giving her what looks like a “pep talk” before loading her into a travel crate at airports. He admits to sneaking her on film sets with him, whether he’s supposed to or not. They were seen not long ago in Boston, on the set of “American Hustler”. He has said that while his beloved Samson made him earn his love, Charlotte “loves me undyingly.”

Robert DeNiro, Bradley’s co-star in 2011’s “Limitless”, even fell in love with Charlotte after spending time with her on the set. He reportedly sent her collars, leashes, sweaters and treats.

Bradley made headlines not long ago by telling a reporter that he wanted to find a new pet sitter for those times he just couldn’t take Charlotte with him. The requirements were that the sitter naturally feed and walk her, and also know dog CPR, and that they would allow Charlotte to sleep with him or her. The pay would be $30 an hour. It’s not sure whether he’s found that sitter or not – one can only imagine the amount of people trying to fill that position. But Bradley is picky, saying of Charlotte, “She’s the best!”