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Guess Who’s Head of the Household in Ben Affleck’s House?  I’ll Give You A Hint – Woof Woof! 

Who is Ben Affleck?  Affleck is a talented actor, Oscar-winning screenwriter and promising director who shot to stardom in his twenties after a childhood acting career. In the ’80s, the athletic actor appeared in a number of TV movies before making it to the big screen, notably as an anti-Semitic jock in the 1992 teen drama School Ties, co-starring his future collaborator, Matt Damon.

In 1995, he appeared in Mallrats, his first of many Kevin Smith comedies, but 1997 was Affleck’s breakthrough year. First, he won raves as a comic-book artist in love with a lesbian in Smith’s Chasing Amy. Then he and Damon co-wrote and costarred in the drama Good Will Hunting, which earned the duo an Oscar for best original screenplay. He also began filming the Academy Award-winning Shakespeare in Love with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Over the next several years, Affleck took on leading roles in films of all genres—action (Armageddon), romantic comedy (Forces of Nature) and drama (Pearl Harbor) —but it was another tabloid-grabbing romance, this time with Jennifer Lopez, that gained the most notice.

Affleck successfully branched out into directing with the critically acclaimed Gone Baby Gone (2007), which starred his younger brother, Casey. Then, after taking a couple years off from acting, Affleck returned full-force in 2009, starring in the romantic comedies He’s Just Not That Into You and Extract and the political thriller State of Play.

Did you know…?

Ben Affleck had to walk an imaginary dog as a child. When he was a young boy, he was desperate to have his own pet pooch, but his mother Chris did not think he would care for the dog and so she made him take out a make believe canine to prove he would be responsible for the dog.  When he fell two days short, his mother told him he could not have one. Now he is making up for lost time with his own dogs.

Ben Spends a Lot of Time with His Shepherd

Ben Affleck is a true dog lover. Ben is spotted frequently in public walking his Shepherd.  You can even spot his daughter Violet walking the family pooch who is almost bigger than she is!  The entire family participates in caring for their dogs and when it comes to getting lots of love, you can definitely be certain that his dogs get plenty of love from the entire family.  However, you can see that their Shepherd has a lot of strength and energy to burn from the pictures in this article.

WooFStoria Tip for Day

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