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arriving at the "Dear John" Premiere

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Actress Amanda Seyfried (“Mama Mia!”, “Les Miserables” and “Lovelace”) has dated a few men in her young life, including her current boyfriend, actor Justin Long.

But there’s only one male in her life that has caused her to gush, “He’s my best friend. I love him,” and that’s her 3-year-old copper-colored Australian Shepherd named Finn.

The two are pretty much inseparable. When she was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she proudly talked about Finn and showed adorable photos, while admitting he was waiting for her backstage.

He appeared with her on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and showed his obedience and power of concentration, much to Letterman’s amazement.  Seyfried placed a juicy hamburger and bun on top of Finn’s head and told him to balance it and not to move – to hold position.

Letterman commented beforehand that most dogs would never be able to resist chomping down on meat instead of balancing it on their head.  But Finn did as he was told, until the audience applauded wildly and broke his concentration.

That appearance won’t be his only on-camera exposure.  He landed his first film role recently.  Seyfried is mum about the title of the film, but says Finn is in more than one scene and actually plays a character.

No doubt his personal Twitter account will grow as his “career” takes off.  Seyfried does her own fair share of Tweeting news about Finn, plus sharing photos of the two of them together.

Even on dates with Seyfried and Long, Finn tags along whenever possible.  Apparently Long is a dog lover, too, and gets along well with the Shepherd. The three of them have been taking walks together, buying treats for Finn at a pet store, and even flying from Los Angeles to New York together, with Finn dressed in a green scarf for the flight.

When the duo does leave Finn behind, Seyfried says she doesn’t stay out late, because she just wants to go home to him.

Seyfried loves all animals and has cats, too, but says no one holds a place in her heart the way Finn does, because he listens to her, looks at her all the time and cuddles with her.  “Who wouldn’t want that?” she said on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Seyfried was featured in Marie Claire Magazine not long ago.  When they asked her what was on her wish list of things she’d most desire, she answered, “An extra month in a year, and immortality for my dog.”