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He spent some of his younger years with Meatball, his first bull dog. They were best friends, he’d claimed. Meatball even served as best man at Sandler’s wedding, handsomely decked out in a tux for the big day.

Not long afterward, he adopted a young pup, also an English bull dog, and named him Matzoball. The three were often photographed together roaming the beach or walking the streets of Los Angeles. Sadly, Meatball passed away at 4 years old while having a procedure in a vet’s office.

Matzoball was heartbroken – Sandler was devastated. He held a memorial service and invited 100 friends to help celebrate Meatball’s brief life. He gave each guest a t-shirt with Meatball’s photo and had a cake prepared with a photo of Meatball on top.

Sandler and Matzoball seemed to console one another and were spotted walking, with Sandler holding Matzoball in his arms.

Unbelievably, tragedy struck again when, at 5 years old, Matzoball also passed away, during surgery in a vet’s office. It seems that bull dogs are susceptible to breathing problems because of the shape of their face and perhaps this contributed to the fatal consequences for both dogs when put under anesthesia.

Sandler had a web site at the time, which has since been discontinued. But he left video messages at the time to tell the public about his grief over the loss of both dogs.

By then – in 2008 – Sandler and his wife had a daughter named Sadie. Sadie had grown to love Matzoball and would ask where the dog was. Sandler missed having a dog and knew his daughter did, too, so he added yet another English bull dog to his family – this time a girl named Babu.

Now it’s Babu he carries with him around town or on film sets and while walking the beach. Thus far, she is a healthy and happy young girl. Long live Babu!