August 18, 2015 | Posted in Andy The Everydog

blind19n-7-webHis name is Orlando and he’s a hero! (Let’s hear it for Orlando, Canine Nation!)

Last week, his owner, Cecil Williams, suffered a dizzy spell and collapsed onto the tracks of a New York City subway. Orlando started barking like crazy, which attracted the attention of other people waiting on the train platform. Because of Orlando’s emergency yelps — and his protective position next to Cecil on the tracks, both lives were saved!

When Cecil fell so did Orlando, who kept licking his owner’s face as both were jammed into a part of the tunnel on the tracks, below. The rhythm of New York stops for no one. In this case, the train was hurtling to its stop. Both were struck by the oncoming train but, miraculously, suffered minor injuries.

Orlando was matched with Cecil by Guiding Eyes for the Blind, who will replace this canine hero (who is 11-years-old and ready for retirement) with a younger, actively working service dog for one lucky owner.

Cecil’s new pooch on the block will have big paws to fill!

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