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Vicktory-Dogs-400PXThere’s no friend like a best friend — especially when they shelter you from harm. This story will surprise you and warm your heart.


 In April 2007, 22 of the most traumatized pit bull dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels and its brutal dog-fighting operation, were entrusted to the Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, UT.

They are known as Vicktory Dogs.

Ten of the dogs were placed in adoptive homes. Of the remaining 12, one died of a condition known as babesia, a blood parasite spread through bite wounds; 2 remain at Best Friends’ Sanctuary per court order; 5 spend time with staff as office dogs and 4 are in the organization’s general population.

When the Vick case hit the news, standard procedure mandated that all dogs seized in such raids were to be euthanized. The rationale for this decision was based upon the assumption (a “myth”, according to Best Friends) that dogs bred for fighting were “born killers” or vicious “time bombs waiting to explode”. Best Friends used the notoriety of the case to force policy changes so that these 22 “problematic” dogs were sent to its facility for long-term rehabilitation and eventual adoption or court-ordered permanent Sanctuary placement.

These Vicktory dogs amazed even the most supportive sources, not to mention the most vocal naysayers. Their journey was documented on the National Geographic television show “DogTown” which followed the work and results of Best Friends vets and dog training staff in this rehab initiative.

Francis Battista, co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society says:

“There are so many threads of our movement wrapped up in the Vicktory dog narrative: that our commitment to the life of every creature is never wasted; that our animal companions are stronger and more resilient than we can imagine; that kindness and compassion always trump cruelty and abuse; and that there are more than enough loving and generous people in the world to save all of the animals who find themselves in life-threatening circumstances, be that a dog-fighting ring

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