August 18, 2015 | Posted in Andy The Everydog

Shelter-Me-400PXSome humans know right off the bat.

Some aren’t sure, but there’s still room for change.

And, then there are those people who need just a glance, a look — and they’re sure. And, if there’s a moment of hesitation, we know how to convince them that we’re their dog for life!

Take Brenda and Jesse, for example. They’d been married for 10 years, hadn’t had or planned to have kids, but were talking to some friends who had just adopted one of us from a shelter. That little guy sure took to them when they visited their friends.

Amazing? Nah. Not really.

Shelter dogs can see something good; sense something good, because in many cases, all they’ve ever known was bad or seemingly hopeless.

Their married life seemed pretty set, defined. They didn’t seem to need another living thing in their home. Humans generally opt to have tiny humans themselves, before they opt to bring a pet home.

But, there was something about that yellow Lab mix . . .

Brenda didn’t need much coaxing from her friend, Jane. “Just come and look,” Jane said. “No deals, no decisions. Just look and get a feel for the place.”

Brenda looked . . . and felt.

“Just come and look,” she said to Jesse. “No deals, no decisions. Just look and get a feel for the place . . . and the 12-week-old yellow Lab mix.”

They spent some time alone with the little dog, just to get to know him. They fed him some kibble and Jesse held him as he fell asleep in his lap. Brenda signed the adoption papers and named him Flax.

People say having a child turns your world upside down — in a good way. Brenda and Jesse now knew what that felt like. They became parents. They fed and nurtured Flaxie, bought chew toys, read all kinds of books, went to puppy socialization parties and training classes.

The test of family strength came when Brenda was approved as a kidney donor for her husband. She’d hike with Flax and only when she was far enough down the trail, did she sink to the ground, throw her arms around her loyal companion and weep.

Flax came with them to medical appointments and even for the surgeries and recovery. Isn’t that what families do?

The surgeries were successful. Those times were more bearable because of Flax and the joyful life lessons he engendered in what could have been a sad, trying time.

Love comes from unexpected places in unexpected ways.

Just come and look.

No deals.

No decisions.

Just get a feel for the place.

~ Andy