August 18, 2015 | Posted in Andy The Everydog

Rules-For-Humans-400PXBoy, that Tamar Geller is such a smart lady human!!


She really gets us!!

Here are some “rules” we’ve worked out with her. They are listed in something you call a “blog”. Beeee-logggggg?

A b-log?

A BARK-log?

A bah-log?

OH! A BLOG!!!!!

(. . . ‘still don’t get it . . .)

Anyway, here’s where the rules are written. It seems like there may be more to come . . .

1. If you’ve met and played with another dog before you come home, please wash your hands or air out the car before you pet me. It’s not that I’m jealous, but . . . well, er . . . I want you all to myself.

2. If you eat something good, I want to eat it, too.

3. If I’m going to have a bath, just pick me up and take me there.  Don’t lure me into the bath with false pretenses and a ton of treats. Save ‘em for later — after the bath.

4. Going outside shouldn’t just be to answer nature’s call. It’s nice out there, especially when it’s warm and breezy or when it snows (OHhappydance!) or when the leaves start to fall from the trees and I can leap into a pile of ‘em!

5. I can sleep anywhere when I’m tired enough. If I stop, drop and snore, just go about your business. We’ll talk later.

6. I may bark when you’re on the phone. That’s ‘cause it makes a sound when it rings, right? I am alert to sounds, remember? And when you talk, even if it is into something the size of a postage stamp, I think you may be talking to me, so I participate in the conversation.

7. I like to sleep with you. If I happen to take up most of the space, there’s still room for you.

8. Where are you going? If you get up to do something, so do I. I love  adventures.

9. I’m very alert to things that fall on the floor . . . whether or not they’re meant for me. Chances are, I will assume they are mine.

10. If you’re happy, I’m happy. If you’re sad don’t try to hide it.  I know it and I’ll try to make you happy again.