August 18, 2015 | Posted in Andy The Everydog

Andy-Everydog-Part-16-350PXHow much pain can one family stand? How much heartache can a family endure?

In one year Dan had lost a brother, a sister and a lifelong friend. Most cruel, was the loss of his son, who took his own life.

Is it any wonder that the grieving 75-year-old suffered from high blood pressure, a hernia and an ulcer?

Dan’s daughter, Helene, was willing to do anything, talk to anyone, and invest any amount of money in a remedy for her parents’ profound sadness and for her father’s declining health.

Maybe, a dog?

Didn’t she read somewhere that the elderly, in particular, responded exceptionally well to pets as new companions? Mom would love it, too.

When Helene visited a family whose poodle mix had just delivered puppies and held Scamp for the first time, she knew this little fur ball was coming home with her.

It was Christmas Eve. Helene and her husband and kids arrived at her parents’ home and gingerly placed their gifts under the tree her mother had decked out with silver bows. It glowed.

When Helene slid the big square box — that was moving by itself, ever so slightly — toward her father, he smiled quizzically, shifting his gaze between his daughter and the box.

In no time, Scamp had managed to knock the lid off the box and rest his paws on its rim. Dan was the first one he saw. A smiling man scooped Scamp up in his arms, cradling him in a comfortable place between his neck and shoulder.

Dan’s next check-up was cause for real celebration. His ulcer and digestion issues seemed to have subsided. Best of all, his blood pressure was within normal range.

He couldn’t wait to get home to share his news — and gratitude — with Scamp.