August 18, 2015 | Posted in Andy The Everydog

Her name is Tamar Geller and she’s kind of a big deal when it comes to training — and loving —- us dogs.

So, what’s so new about training and loving us?

Hint: It’s in the loving.

In her book, “The Loved Dog”, she teaches dog owners how to train their dogs in a non-aggressive way.

And you won’t believe how she learned this.

She served as an officer in Israeli military intelligence and used her time observing wolves in the wild and how they parented and trained their offspring.

She used these findings to create a method of training dogs in natural ways that did not involve aggression, dominance or physical constraint. She is the founder of the first cage-free, doggy boarding and day care center in southern California.

(WOWTAMAR! We love you, too!! Arf! Slurp!)

One of Tamar’s latest projects is called Operation Heroes and Hounds, which offers injured military service men and women an opportunity to live with and coach shelter dogs. (It’s like they both need to chill out, warm up, love and learn together. Yup. Cuddle. Arf.)

Let’s face it. When you put us together with special humans, great things happen!! ARF!ARF! FRIEND!

The program operates according to the “Loved Dog” method: teaching through playful non-aggression.

You’ve gotta’ read more about what they do, right here:

. . . and here’s a little preview:



~ Andy