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Barney Bush was a Scottish terrier and owned perhaps the coolest name a Scottish terrier could’ve hoped for. He was a de facto member of the first family of America during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Bernard was born on September 30th, 2000 in New Jersey. The president, no doubt, inherited his love for dogs from his dad, Bush Sr. Bush senior’s Millie ruled the roost at the White House from the years 1989 – 1993. Barney’s stay at the White House was characterized by games of volleyball, chasing golf balls on the chipping green and keenly enjoyed watching when a game of horseshoes was on.

Barney also starred in number of movies. These gained fame as Barneycam videos. He starred in eleven such movies; these carried titles such as Barney has found Miss Beazley and My Barney Valentine. Barney also helped President Bush reach out to the public on the Iraq war issue. Bush had said that he would continue with his Iraq policy even if his wife Laura and Barney were the only two supporting him on it.

As with all presidential pets, Barney too was an object of fascination for the media and through them for the American public. He took the media attention in his stride, though his proud Scottish blood could heat up in a flash and at least two members of the paparazzi are known to have been nipped in their hands by the feisty canine. Barney also got dragged into a competition with Russian President Putin’s dog Koni, when Putin compared the two and made a few uncharitable remarks about Barney. But Barney took it manfully and with grace that befits the nation’s First Dog.

Barney spent many a happy hour in the White House playing with Miss Beazley, another Scottish terrier and his niece.  According to Bush, he was always nice to visiting heads of state and never jumped on their laps. Barney took center stage during Christmas celebrations at the White House.

Barney lost his battle with lymphoma in the month of February 2013. His stay on earth lasted twelve and half years; though in dog years that adds up to a respectable eighty four summers. That George Bush, Jr. loved his black-coated terrier was evidenced when he broke the news on his Facebook page about his pet’s demise. Aspects of Bernard’s personality hitherto unknown to many came out in that tribute from his pet parent, who was once the most powerful man in the world, and this event brought out his human side. We learnt that Barney loved the outdoors and would never let go a chance to chase armadillos.

Of all the pet dogs to have graced the hallowed corridors of the White House; Barney was the first to have lived in the high noon of the Internet age, even you dear reader are reading about him on this website. And there are many websites out there dedicated to Barney Bush.