WolFStoria is Fantasy Spiked With Reality!

WolFStoria blends reality and fantasy into epic stories centered around Nature and involving many creatures including those from the sea. While some WolFStoria Tales are totally fictional and others are based upon actual situations they are all emblematic of The WooFDriver’s Life.

These pictures are little bit of the WolFStoria Magic that happens here!

WooFDriver, The Dog Adventurer, who through his iDOGetTame training system does some remarkable adventures with his dogs. He ventures out almost daily with his WooFPAK to roam many areas and most of the time, when not FurWheeling, they are off leash and free like their ancestors the Wolf in the Wild. If you’ve ever seen them it’s a sight to behold as his WooFPAK are Huskies one of the closest breeds to the Wolf and their appearance and movements are so strikingly similar that they have in fact, been mistaken for Wolfs. They roam about an instinctually explore and discover mother natures treasures all around them. Every outing looks and feels like a story of legendary proportions as the happenings and discoveries they mingle with are epic! You can see some of their spectacular finds on the WooFDriver Inspired Website by clicking here. Many of these adventures you can also see on the WooFDriver’s Movie Section by clicking here. In addition the WooFDriver is an accomplished aquarist who has been giving Fish, Invertebrates, and even Reptiles a home for many years. That’s where a lot of his cast of characters originates from.

You can download or even order a hard copy of the WooFDriver’s latest book “WOOF Pack And A Half” by clicking here. As well as read the tales of The Mermaid and The Wolf right here on this Wolfstoria website as a new chapter or two will be added here weekly.

Latest Stories

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 96 – Birds Watching

When they go out on their run the next morning, the sky is still painted in brilliant hues of pink and orange. Princess feels alive, more so than she has this entire run! Finally, the sense of wrongness has left

WolFStoria Episode 195 – Frostbane Mountains – Ragon Helping

MeaZea asks, “do you have a name?” The elk-centaur answers, “I’m Ragon.” “And…you can tell us what’s going on?” MeaZea scoots as close as she can to the elk-centaur, mindful of his long, long legs. “You said that it wasn’t

Presidential Pets – Episode 71 – Into The Doggy Door

Josiah jerks up onto all four paws. “Snipes! You rotter, who said you could follow me?” Snipes fluffs up his feathers. “Who said that you didn’t have to help? Have to help! Help!” “I’m no bird,” says Josiah. “And there

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 95 – The Good News

The cardinal looks very pleased to be receiving such rapt attention from an animal so much larger than himself. Birds don’t get attention from dogs very often, as one would imagine. At least, not the pleasant sort. Bounty takes his

WolFStoria Episode 194 – Frostbane Mountains – The Hot Springs

MeaZea and WooFZee are herded into the cave opening with the rest of the tour group. Bellum leads the way, stepping into the tunnel first. The stairs lead downwards at a steady incline. The walls are lined with embers cupped

Presidential Pets – Episode 70 – Josiah Slips Away

Now, Josiah has been a Presidential Pet for a while. He remembers how he came to be one, too. A little girl had found him, and she was a wild thing in the way all little girls happened to be.